A more detailed story of Cloudflight.

As the Cloud Flew

A story by Racer

Chapter One (Cindy's P.O.V)

I watched in puzzlement as her housefolk stacked more boxes and stuffed their belongings into them. My friend, Casey, let out a snort.

"Housefolk do the strangest things."he muttered.

"Maybe they're going on a trip."I mewed.

"Huh. They wouldn't pack so much stuff. When they went to, er... Flooreda? or something, they didn't bring everything."

"Maybe they're going somewhere really far away for a long time."I suggested.

"And bring everything?" Casey argued. "They even brought the curtains! Why would they need to bring curtains?"

"Well,"I triedto find another excuse."They are pretty! And fun to scratch..."

"Face it Cindy!"Casey snarled. "They're leaving, and they're not coming back!"

"Why would they do that?"I retorted.

"Like I said, housefolk are weird.! Half the things they do are pointless!"

"Well, are they bringing us?"I asked.

"Why are you asking me? How would I know."

"You're awfully grumpy today."I muttered. "It's not the end of the world!"

While they were arguing, the housefolk had gotten packed up and were leaving.

Casey and I would out the window as they're housefolk's car drove away. Casey looked at me.

"Maybe it is."

Chapter Two (Casey's P.O.V)

I watched as Cindy just sat at the door, waiting, even though I knew, and told her, that our housefolk aren't coming back.

"Why would they just leave us?"she asked.

"You think I know?"I muttered.

Cindy narrowed her eyes at me. But didn't say anything else.

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